Stemclub Snapping snake

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The Stem build kit is a simple eco- model building system that is  used in schools around the world and is now available to use at home! The kits are easy to assemble and include mixed components such as:bases, beams and girders that can be assembled into an endless range of entertaining mechanical models.These projects are made from high quality strong cards which are perforated and scored for easy folding and assembly. The accurate grid of holes allows easy alignment of axles and wheels. Components are easy to cut, colour and stick together, and require few tools and little building experience.

‘Making’ makes learning memorable and fun! It is also a perfect dexterity and precision builder in after school clubs, homeschooling and holiday activity fun.They are great for scouts, cubs, guides and beaver groups, playgroup activities, summer camps and maker workshops and even party bags. 

Curriculum and skills

It is perfect for KS1 and KS2 science and design technology curriculums exploring structures, mechanisms and forces.

This project focuses on improving dexterity skills. These mini projects can be created between 2 children, therefore, improving team working skills. These projects are also a chance for children to learn how to manipulate materials to achieve a desired outcome and can be provided with a great sense of achievement. Constructive play helps children to make sense of the world. Children develop problem solving and social skills and improve their fine motor development.